Working Papers

“Recognizing loan losses in Banks: An Examination of alternative approaches”

Job Market Paper.

“What factors drive Director perceptions of their Board’s effectiveness?” (with Boris Groysberg and Paul Healy)

Preparing for resubmission to the Journal of Accounting and Economics

“What else do shareholders want? Shareholder proposals contested by firm management.” (with Eugene Soltes and Suraj Srinivasan)

Preparing for resubmission to the Journal of Financial Economics

Works in Progress

“What do allowances for loan losses tell us about banks’ screening efficiency?” (with Gerardo Perez Cavazos)

“How do bank loan nonperformance drive their loan loss provision estimates.” (with VG Narayanan )

“How do risk disclosures affect future consumer economic behavior? Evidence from Dodd Frank Act” (with Patrick Luo and Mingzhu Tai)

Publications (Mathematics)

“On counting certain permutations used for speech scrambling,” Journal of Physical Sciences, Vol 17(2), 2006 (with B. Jayaramakrishnan and V. Ravichandran).

“Some properties of odd terms of the Fibonacci Sequence,” in The Mathematical Gazette, The Mathematical Association, UK, Mar 2004 pp. 85-86 (with J. Leversha).

“Proving a result in Combinatorics using Equations,” Resonance, Springer Indian Academy of Sciences, Feb 2004 pp. 85-87.